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What is astrophotography?

When asked, I have heard many people often associate this term with

1) huge dome-like observatories,

2) things that only professionals can do,

3) a hobby/type of photography that costs tens of thousandths of dollars (okay, yes some do)

4) huge telesope tubes


Honestly, out of the 5 points above, NONE of the above are 100% accurate. While it is a fact that if you've got money, you can get anything in the world: including a $2 billion James Webb Telescope, I can safely guarantee you that ALL of us astrophotgraphers on Earth started out with:

A camera (Phone camera, DSLRs, film cameras)


A cheap tripod

Really, that is all you really need to GET STARTED in snapping pictures of the stars.

Okay, on to the main topic. Astrophotography is basically snapping pretty pictures of the night skies. However, many beginners are put off by a rookie mistake which they didn't know of/lack of guidance and directions.

There will be many jargons along the way but it will be slowly defined as I introduce the little bits and pieces to each and every one of you young and passionate creatures who are hesistant to step into the world of astrophotography.

Some examples of DSLR astrophotography

Examples of Professional Grade Astro-Dedicated Camera astrophotography

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