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NGC 5367: A Southern Blue Snowball 

NGC 5367, captured under Bortle 1 skies using a ZWO ASI 2600MM camera and Stellamira 90mm triplet, reveals its mesmerizing beauty. This nebula, bathed in vibrant colors, showcases intricate details amidst a cosmic tapestry. The origins of the dust within NGC 5367, responsible for its stunning features, remain enigmatic. In under 3 hours of imaging time through LRGB filters, this celestial marvel was immortalized, leaving us in awe of the wonders that lie beyond our earthly realm.

NGC 5367, a captivating celestial object, reveals its wonders against the backdrop of pristine Bortle 1 skies. Situated in the vast expanse of the cosmos, NGC 5367 is a nebula that showcases a complex interplay of cosmic phenomena. At its core lies the origin of the ethereal dust, a result of intricate processes and astronomical events. The interstellar medium gives rise to this captivating feature as a product of stellar birth and death, as massive stars reach the end of their life cycle and expel their enriched material into the surrounding space. These dust particles, suspended in the cosmic abyss, scatter and reflect starlight, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of colors and textures that draws the viewer into the enigmatic depths of the universe.

Captured with precision and dedication, this awe-inspiring image was composed using a ZWO ASI 2600MM camera paired with a Stellamira 90mm triplet telescope. With a total imaging time of under three hours, the intricate details of NGC 5367 come to life through the employment of LRGB filters.

Equipment details

Imaged in Yalgoo, Western Australia 

Stacked and processed in Pixinsight, final tweaks in PS CC6

Camera: ZWO ASI 2600mm

Telescope: Stellamira 90mm carbon fibre triplet at F/4.8

Total Integration Time: 2h 48mins

Luminance: 35x 180s (1h 45mins)
R, G, B: 7x 180s each (1h 3mins)


Higher resolution can be found here:

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