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IC 3104 in Chamaleon

IC 3104

In the image, the cosmic playground unfolds itself spectacularly, placing IC 3104 (the reddish-oragne blob), a somewhat overlooked celestial object, center stage. IC3104 is classified as an irregular galaxy by IAU. This remarkable celestial scene showcases the intricate and delicate aspects of the distant universe, turning an otherwise unassuming corner of the sky into a breathtaking spectacle of celestial art.

IC 3104, situated within this wide-field portrayal, emanates its own soft luminescence, casting a tranquil glow amidst the contrasting darkness. The surrounding region, a mixture of seemingly chaotic yet harmonious composition of cosmic dust and gases, dances around the star-forming region, adding an extra layer of complexity and beauty to the frame.

This captivating capture of IC 3104 seems as though it's being cradled by a celestial quilt of interstellar matter, serving as an enchanting backdrop to this underappreciated cosmic gem. The texture of this backdrop, a tapestry woven with strands of light and shadow, is dust-laden, whispering tales of distant stars and cosmic processes at play.

Further enhancing the image, swathes of nebulous material enshroud the region, rendered visible by the magic of long-exposure astrophotography. These nebulous formations swirl in patterns guided by unseen cosmic forces, creating ethereal, cloud-like structures that radiate with an eerily beautiful glow.

Location: Yalgoo, Western Australia

Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MM Pro

Telescope: Stellamira 90mm CF Triplet
Filters: Antlia LRGB V-Pro 36mm filters

Luminance: 50x 180s

Red: 4x 180s

Green: 5x 180s

Blue: 7x 180s

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