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IC 2631: Chameleon Cloud Complex 

IC 2631 is a faint and small nebula located in the southern constellation of Chameleon. This nebula is composed of gas and dust, which are illuminated by the light of several young stars that are embedded within it. The shape of IC 2631 is irregular and it appears as a diffuse glow in visible light. However, it reveals intricate details in the infrared spectrum, where the dust clouds are more transparent. IC 2631 is a fascinating object for astronomers who study star formation and the interstellar medium. Its distance from Earth is estimated to be around 550 light-years, making it a relatively close target for observation and analysis.

IC 2631 is a fascinating deep sky object located in the southern constellation of Chameleon. This object is a reflection nebula, which means that it shines not by emitting light, but by reflecting the light of nearby stars.

The nebula is approximately 600 light-years away from Earth and spans about 10 light-years across. It is surrounded by a complex network of dark dust clouds, which create intricate patterns and shapes when viewed through a telescope. The dust clouds also block the light from distant stars, creating a dark lane that runs through the center of the nebula.

Overall, IC 2631 is a beautiful and intriguing deep sky object that is worth observing or photographing for anyone interested in astrophotography or amateur astronomy. Its striking appearance and location in the southern skies make it a popular target among stargazers in the southern hemisphere.

Imaged under Bortle 1 dark skies with my new ASI 2600MM-Pro

Clear skies!

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