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NGC 3372 The Great Nebula in Carina

NGC 3372, also known as the Carina Nebula, is a vast cloud of gas and dust located in the Carina constellation. This spectacular object is a region of active star formation and contains numerous young, hot stars, which illuminate the surrounding gas and dust and create a colorful display of red, green, and blue hues. The nebula is home to some of the most massive stars known, including Eta Carinae, a highly unstable and luminous star that is expected to explode as a supernova in the near future. The Carina Nebula is a popular target for astronomers and amateur stargazers alike, offering a stunning glimpse into the ongoing processes of star birth and death in our galaxy.

The Carina Nebula is a bright, large emission nebula surrounding the star Eta Carinae, located in the southern constellation Carina. The nebula’s designation in the New General Catalogue is NGC 3372. It is one of the largest diffuse nebulae known, one that contains several open star clusters.

The Carina Nebula lies in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way, at a distance between 6,500 and 10,000 light years from Earth. The estimated distance of the nebula is 7,500 light years.

The nebula spans about 460 light years in diameter, covering an area of three degrees of the sky. It is one of the largest known star forming regions in the Milky Way

This image above was shot over 10 nights in April 2020 wíth a total of 15 hours of data obtained for this image.

Entirely shot in from home in Singapore

Telescope: William Optics Zenithstar 61

Camera: QHY 163M

Mount: Explore Scientific IExos100

Filters: Antlia 3.5nm Ha, SII, OIII filters

5 hours each (75x 4mins subs)

Stacked in DSS, post processed in Pixinsight + Photoshop

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